Initial Assessment

At House on the Hill – Paediatric Occupational Therapy in Canberra we complete a comprehensive initial assessment with your child including but not limited to the following areas…

Assessment Areas

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills


Through observed movement we can assess your child balance, core strength, postural control, tone and reflexes.

Finger isolation and manipulation as well as hand strength and endurance is appraised during fine motor tasks.

Standardised assessments are completed to establish your childs pencil control, letter formation, visual perceptual skills.



Social Skills

A sensory profile assessment can be performed with you and your child to identify any sensory difficulties.  A separate assessment can be provided to your childs teacher.

By means of discussion with you and observation of your child during interaction with their surroundings, strategies for self regulation and behavioural management can be recommended.

Your child’s engagement and general social skills are established and a proposal to progress these is developed.