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Sammi Woods  (Senior Occupational Therapist)

Sammi is a registered Paediatric Occupational Therapist with over 12 years clinical experience in both private and public sector in Australia and the UK.

She is passionate about working with children who have difficulties with sensory processing, behaviour, fine and gross motor skills, self help skills, attention and concentration skills and social interaction. Sammi uses family- centred and strength based therapy to help children engage in meaningful activities.

Sammi is able to offer families and children a wide variety of therapy interventions to help meet each child’s individual functional goals. She has a specialist interest in working with children who have Sensory Processing Difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, ADHD or poor attention and difficulties following a TBI.

She is registered to provide services and programs with Life Insurance jurisdictions, NDIS and Medicare (Enhanced primary care plans) and is trained to use the SoSafe! framework to enhance her practice skills.

Sammi is a qualified teacher of Kids and Family Rainbow Yoga and runs regular group sessions during school holidays and one-to-one sessions on request. 

Erika Janelle-Rostek  (Occupational Therapist)

Erika graduated from UC with a Master of Occupational Therapy degree, having previously achieved a BSc Hons degree in Psychology.

She has gained considerable experience in pediatrics by volunteering, shadowing and internships, where she has worked with children that have had diagnoses including ASD, SPD, Learning Disorders, GDD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Anxiety/Mood Disorder and various genetic disorders such as Meier-Gorlin Syndrome and Down Syndrome. These experiences have exposed her to specialised areas of training such as Handwriting Without Tears, the Alert Program, Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP), the Astronaut Program, and the Sequential Oral Sensory approach to feeding.

By working closely with parents, teachers and other key teams Erika provides children with the right tools to engage in the activities which are most meaningful to them.  This includes assisting with social development at home/school, effective classroom participation, managing self-care, and building confidence to perform these tasks independently. She promotes active participation in supporting a child to reach their potential.