Program Delivery

Resulting from your initial assessment a bespoke therapy program can be scheduled around you and your child’s needs. These sessions can include a variety of resources, some of the most popular are provided below.


1:1 Therapy Sessions

School Visits

Family Sessions

These sessions are between your child and the therapist, focussing on engagement in play/games to develop your child’s life skills.

After teacher/school permission has been sought, our therapists observe your child within their class setting and complete a collaborative strategic plan for progress.

Where required family play sessions are conducted to identify any areas requiring development within family interactions.

Large Equipment

Small Equipment


Equipment such as swings, ball pits and gym balls are utilised to develop gross motor and sensory skills.

Play dough, board games and clever books are incorporated in treatment programs to promote hand strength and sensory awareness.

To advance self regulation Mindfulness, joint compressions and Therabrushing can be demonstrated to you and your child.